Introduction to our Research tools

The Research section of Portfolio123 is our comprehensive tool suite that lets you put your stock selection ideas into action. After translating your ideas into rules you can then backtest using FactSet's historical database (or S&P Compustat if you have a license with them) to see if your scheme has merit and then put it into practice with live updates. Naturally, with any mechanical, rules-based system the quality of the data and the software itself is paramount. Our engines are also continually developed, monitored for errors, and enhanced according to your feedback. 

The main components of Research are:

  • The Screener, which filters a large universe of stocks down to only those companies that meet your criterion;

  • The Ranker, which puts every stock in the universe into order by the data that you specify; and,

  • The Strategy (a.k.a. Portfolio Strategy), which combines the above with management rules to create a virtual portfolio manager.

Other innovative components of Research are:

To help you get started be sure to check out the following: