The Account

Manage accounts

The Account is the center piece of the Manage Section. The design goals for Accounts were the following:

  • Allow you to manage and track multiple strategies separately as well as combined.
  • Account pages that are useful and user-friendly to view holdings, fundamentals, keep notes, show statistics, etc.
  • Single interface to manage accounts regardless of your broker
  • One click to send multiple order like rebalances, or adding / removing cash.
  • Many more things that we've always wished we had in our broker websites.

When you create a new account you will need to choose and account type:

Brokerage Accounts are used it to manage an existing (or planned) brokerage account. The account in the image below is a Brokerage Account that has been linked to an Interactive Broker account (the bolt next to the account name indicates that it's linked).  Orders are sent to the broker and when fills are received the holdings are updated accordingly. To learn more about linking with brokers see Linked Accounts. Brokerage Accounts that are not yet linked behave like Paper Accounts.

Paper Accounts are what the name implies. They track performance like the real thing. All you need to do is enter transactions. Splits and dividends are handled automatically.

Figure 1 Linked Account example that invests in strategies like "Smallcap" and "Solar".