Linked Accounts

What are Linked Accounts

You can link your Portfolio123 accounts to the brokers we support and take advantage of our time saving features for managing your positions. You will be able to send orders to your broker directly, and fill transactions are automatically processed. Linking your accounts is easy and safe. Below are some of the best reasons to do it.

One Click Rebalance

If you follow a strategies from your Research section, or a third party model from us, or a Designer Model, you will be notified when your real money strategy is out of synch with the model. With one click you can send the necessary orders to your broker.

Intuitive and Consistent Interface

Whether you have a single brokerage account or multiple ones, brokerage user interface experience (UIX) is always frustrating. Our mission is to provide the best experience possible for managing your accounts. We are continually improving the experience, so let us know your feedback! (try doing that with a broker)

No need to login to your broker's site

Simply login to Portfolio123 and you will be able to send orders. You will only need to login to your broker to deposit or withdraw money, or to download your tax document once a year! For more info on why this is safe check out the FAQs.

Partition Account into Separate Strategies

While you may be following multiple strategies, brokerage accounts are a singular blob of positions. Without partitions it is difficult to understand each of your strategies performance or underperformance. Portfolio123 lets you partition your account in many kinds of strategies, including manual ones. In addition, you can add cash to strategies, or liquidate portions of them, and the necessary orders are automatically generated.

Order Entry Shortcuts

We're continually adding interface elements and features to make order entry a pleasurable experience. For example:

  • Automatic limit orders

  • Easily replicate orders

  • Generate multiple orders to increase or reduce exposure

  • Send order to IB using predefined algo settings

Positions and Cash Updated Daily

We retrieve holdings and cash positions daily from your broker and notify you of the differences. Differences can happen for several reasons including: fees and carry costs, deposits or withdraws, and transactions you place directly on the broker website. If you place your orders exclusively from Portfolio123 you will very rarely have to perform reconciling transactions.

Schedule sending orders in the future

When sending orders you can schedule them to be sent at a later time to, for example, avoid the market open volatility, or a time that you prefer. You can do this for a single order or multiple order.

Supported Brokerages

We currently support Interactive Brokers and Tradier, but more are on the way. Do let us know your preferences either by posting on the forums or voting in the Roadmap. One nice advantage if you have a Tradier account is that you will also get exchange real time prices and bid/ask prices. To learn more about our relationship with Tradier click here.

For more important information check out the FAQs