Is Portfolio123 for me?

Typical Portfolio123 use cases

Whether you are an expert or novice investor, a hands-off investor, a professional money manager, still in school, or “just looking”, Portfolio123 has something you will want.

Sophisticated Investors and Professionals

If you are looking for faster and more effective ways to do quantitative equity research, Portfolio123 has you covered. We created a true point in time engine using the best data in the business from Factset and ICE (or S&P Compustat data if you have a license with them). You don’t need to be a programmer or install servers. Just enter your strategy in a familiar way using buy/sell rules, position sizing and pre-built factors. You will be up and running in no time. 

Novice Investors

Individuals investors have an incredible advantage: they are nimble and are able to buy any stock due to their relatively small account size. However, for a variety of reasons, most investors end up investing with ETFs or mutual funds. This is like leaving money on the table and it’s our mission to show you that owning stocks is safer, better, and more fun. With many step by step tutorials, and active community of users sharing ideas, and pre-built models Portfolio123 has you covered.. 

Academics & Students

Portfolio123 is a great fit for classrooms. With an intuitive interface students can be creating and testing strategies in no time within the time constraints of the course. But don't take our word for it. Many top MBA programs have been using Portfolio123 for years.

Just Looking, thanks!

If you are not ready to invest our tools can run in “paper” mode. You can create paper accounts, follow our pre-built strategies or run your own manual portfolio.  You can do all this completely free simply by signing up.