General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Rule Based Investing only for "Quants"?

While Portfolio123 began as a research platform for quants, it now offers solutions for many kinds of investors. If you are day-trading or want the simple approach using ETFs of a traditional robo-advisor, Portfolio123 is probably not right for you. But if you want to have more options, own individual securities, learn more, and access quality strategies (or even design your own!), you are in the right place.

Isn’t stock picking a waste of time?

No. Stock picking is the best way to compound your money exponentially.  Warren Buffett is a stock picker and he famously said: "Give me a million dollars to manage and I'll guarantee you 50% return per year." What he meant is that with relatively small capital an investor is free to choose any stocks, large or small, because he is able to nimbly enter and exit positions. That's an incredible advantage that you need to exploit.

What's up with that name?

Portfolio123's original motto back in 2004 was "Portfolio Management Made Easy." But back then it was just a powerful tool to create strategies and backtest them. Only very sophisticated users could see the value being offered. With a more complete product suite to help you manage your accounts, Portfolio123 as it stands today finally fulfills the founding goal.

What's up with that logo?

We're not going to show you smooth projections culminating in pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. The logo represents how investing really is: a roller coaster ride. Volatility is something you can get used to and, with a longer term view, stocks are the best place to grow your money  exponentially.

Can I buy stocks with Portfolio123?

No, we're not (yet) a broker. You can, however, connect Portfolio123 to your broker to manage your accounts from one place. NOTE: you will still have to logon to your broker to do things like deposits and withdraws.

How secure is the client’s personal information and identity?

We care very deeply about security and thus client information is encrypted on secure servers protected by layers of the latest security hardware. Linked brokerage accounts have additional security measures that you can read about in the Linked Accounts section.