Watchlists, reimagined

Our take on watchlists with features you always wanted

We reimagined watchlists with the features we wanted. Some of the key features are:

  • Seeing the performance of the stocks in the watchlist compared with the the watchlist overall and the benchmark.

  • Charting watchlist performance vs all the stocks in the universe.

  • Adding quick opinions & notes to the stocks in the list.

  • Making notes when stocks are added/removed, or tracking general notes.

Figure 1 Sample "solar" watchlist

The Main page has the following information

  • A Ticker/Name column. You can hover over 3M and 1Y to show a price chart.

  • Your latest opinion on the stock and a freshness indicator (see the Stock Opinions article for more).

  • The latest real time price and daily percentage change.

  • How long the stock has been in the list and its return since its addition.

  • The number of shares being held in any Portfolio123 Account.

  • The number of transactions you've executed, to see if you ever traded the stock.

  • A free-form comment, used for any purpose. (In the image, it's used as a crude ranking system made with '*'.)

Figure 2 Technicals Tab

The Technicals page shows technical stats as well as quickly showing you which stocks are outperforming the 1) average of the list and 2) the benchmark. In image above the watchlist is being sorted by the 1W return and half of the stocks are above the list average.

Figure 3 Performance chart

The Performance above shows the one year performance of all the stocks in the watchlist and the combined performance in red (all inclusive of dividends). You can quickly identify the best performance by hovering on the top line. This displays the name of the series (in this case ENPH).

Lastly, the bubble icon displays the Notes that you entered for each stock. To learn more about our Notes feature click here.