Linked Accounts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Linked Accounts safe?

Linked accounts can only send orders or modify orders in the brokerage account. Linked accounts also receive account balances and positions. Any other operation, e.g. money transfers, or account  changes, are not possible from Portfolio123 and must be done on the broker's website.


In addition we've added other layers of protection for other types of breaches. When you have linked accounts you are required to use Two-Factor Verification.  In the unlikely event of an internal breach to our servers, we have also encrypted all sensitive information like passwords and brokerage account numbers.

What is the cost?

Linking accounts is free for up to 10 accounts. Please note that each account uses up Resource Units, so if you use up all your Resource Units you will need to add more. But don't worry, they are not expensive

Can orders be cancelled or modified?

Scheduled orders (not yet sent to the broker) can be deleted. For orders in progress you can send a cancel request and wait for the confirmation. Please be advised that there is a slim chance of a cancelled order being filled that is out of our control. The only way to modify an order is to delete the order in progress and resubmitting it.

Please NOTE: any change you make in your broker interface may result in your account being out of sync.

What happens if I enter a trade into the system while the market is closed?

If the market is closed and you enter trades into Portfolio123 without specifying a scheduled execution time - either manually or sent from a portfolio - they will be scheduled for the next normal day of trading.