White Papers

Deep dive in related finance topics

Equity Investing Philosophy

White Paper #1

Portfolio123 Equity Strategies are based on a uniform approach that attempts to profit from security mis-pricing in the equity market. It reflects our assumption that opportunities exist because the equity market is not perfectly efficient.

Approach to Equity Modeling

White Paper #2

In this paper, we’ll explain the structure of our models and the characteristics they all share.

Portfolio123 Stock Strategies Principles, Policies and Rules

White Paper #3

Overview of the common attributes of our stock strategies and Ranking Systems they use

Income Strategies

White Paper #4

Income Strategies are designed to deliver the highest yields possible  subject to  appropriate levels of risk

Core Allocations

White Paper #5

These portfolios offer exposure to the two core asset classes, fixed income and equities. These is our take on the strategies pioneered by robo-advisors.