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How to Build a Fundamentals-Based Strategy

Fundamentals-based strategies can really work. This series of webinars with accompanying slides, originally hosted by Yuval Taylor, will help you think through the ins and outs of creating such strategies.


  1. Factor Design

  2. Designing Universes and Ranking Systems

  3. Designing Simulations

  4. Principles of Backtesting

  5. Strategy Implementation

Portfolio123 Virtual Strategy Design Class

This course in Portfolio123 strategy design for stock-picking was written by Marc H. Gerstein. It presumes a reasonable degree of comfort in use of the Portfolio123 free-form screener interface and the other aspects of the platform. The course aims to show how financial concepts--mainly fundamental analysis but also sentiment/technical analysis--can be used to develop financially sound strategies.

Portfolio123 Virtual Class: Choosing Designer Models

This course, written by Marc H. Gerstein, is for those who wish to subscribe to Designer Models. It presents a non-technical discussion of the return-risk decisions involved in evaluating and choosing models, and shows you how to glean the information you need from the data published in connection with each one.

Strategy Design Part 1

This is a slide deck for Marc H. Gerstein's webinar on strategy design, subtitled A Roadmap from "What now?" to "I got it!" (To see as a slideshow, click "View," then "Slideshow.")