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Comprehensive guides on advanced use of the site

Marco Salerno
Written by Marco SalernoLast update 2 years ago

How to Build a Stock Strategy

This paper is a quick guide to unleashing the potential of Portfolio123. It will walk you through the process of building an investment system from the ground up using the resources we offer.

How Ranking Works

The "secret sauce" of Portfolio123 ranking revealed. How a simple ranking process becomes a powerful tool for automating investment decisions. 

The Book (Strategy of Strategies) 

A guide to one of our more powerful tools: creating "books" by combining several strategies.

Portfolio123 A-Z Guide

A comprehensive (if somewhat dated) guide to the entire Portfolio123 site.

Dynamic Position Sizing

A solid explanation of variable/formula position sizing, an advanced tool that allows you to dynamically weight your positions.

Back-Testing Data Methodology on Portfolio123

Thoughtful testing is a must in order to allow us to distinguish between ideas we think ought to work and those that have a reasonable probability of working in the real world. This is a solid guide to using backtests wisely.

Peer Comparison

A guide to choosing the right points of comparison for your factors and the right benchmarks for your portfolio.

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