Introduction to the API and Tools

Intro to our data mining tools that can be used outside of the website

Most users that want to data mine or automate running many simulations typically use screen scraping techniques since it requires no programming skills. But screen scraping is very unreliable since simple changes to the website can break your scripts.

We offer three different data mining methods that are external to the website, and are therefore much more robust than screen scraping. They require varying degrees of programming skill from none to advanced. They are:


Programming skills required: None

A downloadable app you install in your computer that can be used by non programmers. Run multiple operations using human readable YAML files. Several articles in this collection describe DataMiner.

The API Wrapper "p123api"

Programming skills required: Intermediate

For beginners and intermediate programmers. Makes it easy to start using the API. Handles things like authentication, re-authentication, retries, and you don't need to get your hands dirty with low level http requests. See this collection for documentation and how-to examples including one that runs on Google Colab.

P123 Rest API

Programming skills required: Advanced

Rest API based on OpenAPI specifications. The documentation can be found here