DataMiner Operations

All the DataMiner operations

The links below contain detailed information on each DataMiner operation including the parameters the operation accepts and examples of how to use the operation.

Data: Data.pdf
Download Point-In-Time (PIT) ratios or formulas for multiple stocks.

DataUniverse: DataUniverse.pdf
Retrieve Point-In-Time data for a selected universe for a given date range.

RankMulti: RanksMulti.pdf
Return the ranks from multiple ranking systems.

RankPerformance: Rank Performance.pdf
Run multiple bucket ranking system performance tests.

Ranks: Ranks.pdf
Download historical ranks for one or more ranking systems.

RanksPeriod: RanksPeriod.pdf
Return the ranks from a single ranking system for multiple dates between the specified start and end dates.

RollingScreen: Rolling Screen.pdf
Run multiple screen backtests at defined intervals.

ScreenBacktest: ScreenBacktest.pdf
Backtest a screen over the selected period.

ScreenRun: ScreenRun.pdf
Run a screen.